Berkshire™ Bay Window

The Berkshire™ GreenSmart™ 2 is Lopi’s mid-sized gas stove that can heat up to 1,500 square feet. It is ideal for medium to large living spaces and is great for zonal heating purposes. The beautiful cast detailing and large, open fire view make the Berkshire a stunning focal point in any room. This stove features the award-winning Ember-Fyre burner, interior accent lighting, and high clarity ceramic glass that comes standard with the 2015 ANSI-compliant invisible safety screen.

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Polished Gray Concrete Mantels
Each Mantel is individually crafted to expose a smooth, polished quartz surface that offers a bold, contemporary look.
Hand-Hewn Timber Mantels
These are realistic reproductions of 150-year-old fir timber. Our artists individually hand-paint each mantel with incredible attention to detail. We challenge anybody to tell the difference between this reproduction and the authentic timber. Hand-Hewn Timber Legs are also available for the 6’ mantel to achieve a three-sided Timber mantel installation.


Minimum Framing Dimensions

The fireplace enclosure must be a minimum of 8 1″ tall (above the base of the fireplace)

  • If the fireplace is raised, the enclosure height must be raised to maintain the 8 1″
  • Do not build onto this area
  • Do not slope the walls inward

A frestop is required at the top of the fireplace enclosure or ceiling level (whichever is lower).

Min 4-1/2″

We recommend installing the shaded framing members after installing the chimney. Arrange framing members o there is not a vertical member directly in the center of the opening where it would interfere with pipe clearness.

Header (Install vertically to ensure proper pipe to header clearance)

Make sure to accommodate the blower (see the section “Blower Requirements” for details)


36 Elite Wood Fireplace Features

  • Bypass damper for easy startup fires and smoke-free reloading
  • Easy to use single air control, artfully hidden in the face design
  • Perforated air wash for super clean glass
  • Unibody construction and heavy gauge steel firebox lined with kiln dried firebrick
  • Exceptionally quiet 400 CFM fan that minimizes noise while maximizing heat output
  • State of the art catalytic operation provides you with one of the cleanest burning zero clearance wood fireplaces in the industry

26" W

42" L

    Heating Capacity:

    p to 2,500 Sq. Feet

    Heat Output:

    10,300 to 66,000 BTU's / Hour

    Steady State Efficiency:

    As Shown

    Maximum Burn Time:

    Up to 10 Hours

    Firebox Size:

    3.7 Cubic Feet

    Maximum Log Size:



    2.3 Grams Per Hour


    590 Pounds


    Heavy Gauge Steel

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